Hello, hello! This is Nina. Thanks for dropping by.
I'm a former psychologist and current designer, pursuing a master's in Design for Interactions at Carnegie Mellon University.

Design Skills:

User research

Information architecture


High-fidelity mockups


User testing


Video production

3D modeling





After Effects



Fusion 360


Soft skills:




Stress management

Public speaking



Chinese Mandarin

Evolvement of Aspiration: A Journey from Psychology to Design

From 2015, I've been doing a bachelor's degree in psychology at Durham University, UK, during which I actively participated in numerous experiments. I was particularly intrigued by those experiments that delved into innovative technologies and unique interactions, encompassing audio, 3D, and virtual reality. During that time, I became captivated by the realm of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), leading me to opt for postgraduate studies in this field to further explore interaction methods.

During my HCI master's degree, my background in psychology provided a robust research foundation. Yet, I recognized the importance of developing my skills in "telling" and "making", which involve aspects such as storytelling, visual communication, prototyping, and more. To translate my research findings into tangible products and to effect positive changes in people's daily lives, I transitioned to the domain of interaction design. This shift reflects my aspiration to create meaningful impact through my work.

Throughout my academic journey in interaction design, I'm eager to seize every opportunity to explore diverse areas. I believe that these explorations are invaluable and have the potential to significantly contribute to my future work. In the upcoming year, my primary focus will be on my thesis – optimizing workers' psychological safety in remote work contexts. This topic emerged as a result of the pandemic's influence on work dynamics and daily routines, alongside my personal encounters in professional settings. If you find this topic intriguing or if you've encountered challenges while working remotely, I'm always happy to have a chat and gather fresh insights.

A Photo of Nina

Carnegie Mellon University

May 2024

MDes Design for Interactions

University College London

Sep 2019

MS Human-Computer Interaction

Durham University

June 2018

BS Psychology



During my summer internship at CertiK, a leading Web 3 security company specializing in cryptocurrency security data, I contributed to a range of impactful projects in UI/UX design, enhancing user experience and engagement of the CertiK Skynet website. This experience enriched my UX design skills, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and user-centered design principles, and allowed me to translate innovative ideas into practical solutions through cross-functional teamwork.


CTAT, or the Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tool, is an intelligent suite designed to facilitate the creation of personalized, flexible tutors for various problem-solving scenarios. During this internship, I designed for the collaboration features, including version control and synchronous editing. This experience taught me the significance of user research and empathy, as well as effectively utilizing prototyping as a means to articulate and showcase my work.

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