Nina Gao

CertiK Internship

Revamping and designing the user flows and interfaces for a customer facing website, Skynet, an all-in-one Web3 security analysis platform powered by CertiK, offering data-driven insights and end-to-end security tools for Web3 projects and communities.

Currently Updating

Product Design

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Web Design

August 2023


A voice-enabled virtual assistant for Airbnb app on mobile and TV screens, serving as the central communication platform among guests, hosts, and Airbnb.

User Experience Design

Voice User Interface Design

Digital Prototyping

Video Production

October 2022


A ubiquitous mobile app designed for the near future that enhances people's power and agency towards national and global events and decisions.

User Interface Design

Design Strategy

Design for Futures

April 2023


A mixed reality museum experience at Carnegie Museum of Natural History that integrated interactive education, emotional connection, and expansion of social impact.

Currently Updating

IxDA 2023 Shortlisted

Experience Design

Design for Mixed Reality

Design for Sustainability

Video Production

November 2022

The Window

Digital whiteboard for remote family communication


Remote control for heating pad in camping context