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CertiK Skynet

CertiK Internship
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May – August 2023

Design Team

Molly Jiang, Nina Gao, Simon Zhu, Zehua Chen


User Experience Design, User Interface Design, User Acceptance Testing



During my summer internship at CertiK, a cybersecurity company, I led various UX design projects for one of their customer facing products, Skynet, a cryptocurrency security data platform. I revamped the user login/signup flow, redesigned secondary listing page headers, and introduced the News Digest section for crypto news updates. Additionally, I optimized the leaderboard sidebar, enhanced homepage elements, and updated the badge system for increased user motivation. Another notable achievement was conceptualizing and prototyping the user daily check-in card, which acts as a part of the upcoming gamification features.


In response to user feedback pointing out challenges in the signup and login processes, my initial task was to enhance the user experience for Skynet website's login and signup flows. Link to page.

Problems & Approaches

Through a comprehensive analysis of the entire login/signup flow, I have identified several issues.The two key screens are annotated below as illustrative examples.

To address these issues, I employed three main approaches:

Optimize information hierarchy
Enable easier navigation and faster information retrieval to boost task completion rate.
Can be achieved by: using a prominent header and having two separate pages for login and signup.

Update design system
Revise the default appearance of design elements to create a more inviting and user-friendly interaction.
Can be achieved by: deleting the filling color of the input field and using a colored button to avoid the feeling of disabled.

Align with conventional UI patterns
Adjust the overall page layout to align with conventional UI standards and meet users’ expectations.
Can be achieved by: adopting a list format for password requirement and using underline as the indicator of hyperlinks.

To streamline my thoughts and provide a reference for screen designs, I developed the following user flow for the signup and login processes:


I created these two screens at top first to act as a template for all screens. The annotation indicate the changes I made through the above three approaches. The second row below showcases the four different states for the signup screen.

Mobile Screens

For the design of mobile screens, the process is similar, and the solution is shown below.

News Digest

According to the ticket request, I created a dedicated homepage section for recent news, featuring a clean and user-friendly layout. The news section fetches external website data to ensure real-time and comprehensive updates, and it was important to keep the layout straightforward for easy implementation. Link to page.

Previous Design

Description coming soon.


Description coming soon.

Mobile Design & Flow

Description coming soon.

Mobile Implementation

Description coming soon.

Check-In Card

Designing a daily check-in card on the homepage to incentivize users to log in, as an integral component of the upcoming gamification feature (not yet launched).

Card Design

Description coming soon.

Preview on Homepage

Description coming soon.

Mobile Preview

Description coming soon.

Other Projects – Page Header

Adding headers and filters to secondary listing pages.

Previous Design without Header

Description coming soon.

Current Design

Adding header and filter to Top 10% Security Score listing page. Link to page.

Adding header to Top 10% Watchlisted listing page. Link to page.

Mobile Current Design

Description coming soon.

More Projects